What Kitchen Flooring Should I Choose

When customers first start chatting with us about their new kitchen, probably the last item on their agenda is the flooring. They will be looking at kitchen cupboards, designs, work tops and appliances first. These are the choices that they will be thinking about making before anything else. Where to put the appliances, should the [...]

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OK, so we haven’t even put the house on the market yet, but already, I’m planning the interior of our new abode, whatever and wherever that may be. In particular, I keep thinking about how I’d like our ‘new’ kitchen to look and it’s definitely white, probably white gloss, which we’ve had in several homes [...]

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When you reach for a towel in the bathroom, you ideally want it to feel soft and most importantly this time of year, warm! But today’s contemporary bathroom radiators aren’t just about the functionality of drying towels & keeping them cosy, they’ve evolved and are now a seriously stylish piece of kit in their own [...]

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