How to get advertising on your website

Here we look at the fundamental areas of how to get advertising on your website.

One of the key points to mention early on is the fact that the more value you can offer an advertiser, the more they will pay!

Most advertisers are now looking for a unique angle when it comes to advertising – this is due to the fact that there are now hundreds of sites offering text based networks for keywords and phrases set by potential advertisers.

Now some of these networks are very good (Google adwords is one of them) but if you want to offer your customers a really targeted approach, then you have to come up with a bespoke solution to give them better value.

You’ll have to make sure you have these things in place:
1. You have relevant sections where you can place specific adverts
2. There is an exclusive or unique angle
3. The page impressions are high enough to justify spend
4. The results are trackable and you have reporting in place

You will find that some of your competititors will offer general ads and more page impressions, but I promise you that your potential advertisers will be much more interested in your proposal if it includes targeted results!

So, what can you do to increase advertising on your website?

Well, the first thing is to test ads that work well on your site. I talk about this in another article called ‘make money from your website – quick and easy.’

Once you have tested the ads, you will have to price them.
Remember, you are only limited here to what your customers are prepared to pay.

Of course, you have to be realistic when setting prices for ads, but do look at the overall value and then go from there. If you can offer a unique angle, you can charge more for it.

Once you have the ads set up in a format that works, you have to find your customers.

You can do this in two main ways:
1. Use and build your own lists and resources to find them
2. Use Google adwords (or similar) to target customers

I am quite a fan of Google adwords, as it seems to offer a very good level of functionality for all parties.

If you want an expert to set up and maintain the Google search marketing service for you then click here.

You also need to use your own lists to contact people via e-mail and telephone.

If you aren’t going to contact people yourself, then you can get an advertising sales agent to do this for you.An article on finding the best ad-sales people can be found on this site.

One very important point is that you MUST try to capture people visiting your site. Why not offer something as a freebie that will have some value to most people. All you have to do is set up a form on your site, write a basic privacy policy and then use those names for future promotions.

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