How to make money from a website – some of the essentials

Making money from your website is a very exciting prospect. Not only does making money from your website allow you to bring in additional income, or perhaps even become a full-time Internet businessman, it also brings you a great sense of accomplishment, knowing that something you love and have personally created isrewarding you with lots of visitors and money.

To make money from your website, you have to get traffic, of course. You do this by constantly adding interesting content, images, and backlinks to your website. What’s more, you website needs to target a niche. Make you website’s topical content narrowly focused. For instance, if you have a website about horses, don’t start expanding it into also being about dogs, stingrays, manatees, and caribou. Develop other websites all about other animals you love; leave this one about horses and directly related matters like collectible horse models, antique horse-drawn ice trucks, tack, and so on.

Once you have traffic, you need to convert it into money. One way to do this is to use e-newsletters. This means you create an opt-in feature on your website homepage, telling visitors they can sign up for free to receive free e-mailed newsletters from you. This allows you to keep your name in front of them on a regular basis and build trust through constant, informative, entertaining contact. They won’t consider your newsletters spam because they volunteered to receive it. In your e-newsletters, feature content or offers that entice recipients to re-visit your website – repeat traffic is key to increasing sales.

Other ways of driving traffic to your website are to publish tagged SEO articles at free content and articles sites, and tagged videos at places like YouTube and Video Jug. All of these productions should include backlinks to your website.

But before you can make sales, you have to monetize your website. You might sell products directly via affiliate marketing such as through affiliate marketing giant Clickbank. If you do this you’ll earn commissions on all the parent company’s online sales that originate at your website. If you make this website attractive looking and absolutely full of free, interesting information you’ll increase your sales too.

But what if you started your website as a labor of love, not for marketing? What if you started it to share and/or create content that you find important, interesting, or funny? Then you can monetize your website using Google AdSense or ads that appear at your site via online ad networks.

Google AdSense allows you to manifest those unobtrusive ads that appear in webpage margins and always have something to do with what you’re reading or viewing at the site on your website. You will earn a commission when people click on or click through those ads. Going through online ad networks allows you to permit other kinds of advertising, such as banner ads, to appear on your site. Again, clicks and/or purchases from your website earn you commissions.

So, no matter what kind of website or blog you have created, there are great possibilities for making money from it.

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