how to sell web site advertising and generate revenue

Selling website advertising is not always that easy – otherwise everyone would be successful at it and web revenues would go through the roof!

OK, I’ll assume that you are looking at this article because you want to sell more advertising space on your website, or you are a sales person who would like a few tips to help you to succeed.

Well, I’ll start by saying that we now have a targeted website advertising sales service called ARC which you should take a look HERE It offers resources and advertising sales tips to help you to generate multiple revenue streams for your website. We have a team of five people contributing to it and together we have over 40 years experience in advertising sales, web design and business services.

Anyway, let’s move onto this topic about how to sell website advertising in Manchester.

The first thing you should do is weigh up your offerings and match them with the highest quality potential advertisers. This can be done by researching the competition and doing many hours of searches for relevant pay per click advertising. You may also want to go to relevant PR sites and seek out the main contributors to see who is active in this area. Once you have done your research, you can come up with tailored packages to suit their needs.

When I look at advertising sales for websites, I always try to offer the advertiser a complete package which matches their requirements. Companies these days are less interested in flashy banner ads only, which give them a few click through each month. They want targeted ads which can offer them sales leads, awareness, clicks and above all can show successful statistics. What they class as successful is for you to find out, but it is usually better to offer complimentary packages to them, which can work alongside their current activities. If it is hard work for them to try you, they will probably not take the time to even look at your product.

You need to test which ads pull the best responses on your site and then give people proof that it works. Alternatively, give them a trial where they can test your services for a limited time.

Always make sure that the structure of your site is up to the task before you try to sell anything. You will find a lot of interesting material on this site to help you and you lose nothing by subscribing to the ARC service I was talking about.

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