OK, so we haven’t even put the house on the market yet, but already, I’m planning the interior of our new abode, whatever and wherever that may be. In particular, I keep thinking about how I’d like our ‘new’ kitchen to look and it’s definitely white, probably white gloss, which we’ve had in several homes before this one and it’s a great look.

The significant difference this time, is that I’m seriously contemplating a white on white look. In other words, white units combined with white worktops. Wow, you’re probably thinking, that one heck of a white kitchen and you’re right, it’s a bold look. The trick to pulling it off will be finishing the complete look in such a way that it doesn’t end up looking too clinical, like you’ve just stepped into a dentist’s surgery for example. More on how intend to soften the look later.

To date, the white gloss kitchens we’ve installed have all been softened with contrasting wood effect worktops. This is a good, tried and tested look. It works because no matter which shade of wood you choose, and I’ve previously used three different ‘woods’ from pale birch to rich mahogany, it softens the starkness of the white units. This white gloss kitchen below uses a combination of solid wood and a grey resin worktop to soften a pure white kitchen and it works beautifully.

There are numerous worktop options if you’re looking to source an all white kitchen From quartz to acrylic compounds like Corian and even marble. I’ll write a separate post soon looking at the numerous worktop options currently on the market – there are some really rocking ones – with prices to match! As always though, I’ll be watching the budget very carefully, so although the above examples are gorgeous, I plan a more budget friendly option.

If all goes according to plan, we’ll install a white gloss laminate worktop that has subtle silver sparkly pieces in it. These tiny luminous specs will catch the light beautifully and both lift and soften the white on white look. Adding A Twist With Kitchen Accessories I talked about finishing the look earlier. And by this I’m referring to how I intend to soften and pull the look together with accessories. To prevent an all white kitchen looking too stark and clinical, all you need to do is add one or two little twists with your kitchen accessories.

Why not introduce some soft woods, a colour pop or add an extra sparkle with stainless steel accessories. Introduce some soft woods I know it’s the wood thing again, but just minimally this time, in the form of a funky irregular shaped chopping board and a couple of well chosen wooden kitchen accessories. This would be bang on trend and would nail the urban rustic combo perfectly.

I’m loving this one below, which would be a great way to update your kitchen instantly, even if you’re not planning a full refurb. The Rustic Dish via not on the High Street Rock a colour pop or two Yes, it might be a white kitchen, but my love of colour will always shines through. This chopping board and knife block set combines good looks with practicality and the gorgeous colour combination would rock in any kitchen.

Stainless accessories This is the uber modern option, which can use to add colour, take this fruit bowl, I’ve had one like this for years and use it all the time. It’s clean lines really appeal, and again, it’s practical too as it’s not completely enclosed at the base, so the air circulates freely, keeping everything fresh. So there we have it, my plans for a kitchen i haven’t even seen, in a property we haven’t even bought! I do like to be prepared though and it costs nothing to dream/plan ahead.

I’ll let you know how we get on in the fullness of time. In the meantime, I’d love to hear what your ideal kitchen would look like. Pop a comment at the bottom of this post and share it with our readers

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