When you reach for a towel in the bathroom, you ideally want it to feel soft and most importantly this time of year, warm! But today’s contemporary bathroom radiators aren’t just about the functionality of drying towels & keeping them cosy, they’ve evolved and are now a seriously stylish piece of kit in their own right. So whether you are planning a complete bathroom refurbishment or simply updating an existing one, why not add a sleek designer touch with a new radiator? Here’s my pick, take a look & let me know which ones you like.

Ladder Style Towel Rails If you’re looking for a radiator that offers modern functionality, a sleek polished finish, is minimal in design and will integrate into any contemporary bathroom, then you really can’t go wrong with a ladder style radiator like these below. We’ve put this type of towel rail in our all our bathrooms as we’ve moved over the past few years and they’re generally hard to beat in terms of modern good looks and practicality. Chrome Ladder Radiator West One Bathrooms I’m thinking of sourcing a radiator like this one below when we move, just as something a little different from what we’ve now had for years.

I particularly like the highly polished finish and the wider spacing of the bars just makes it look and feel that little more edgy. Chrome Ladder heated Towel Rail West One Bathrooms For a stylish variation on a straightforward linear heated towel rail, how about this model below? It features a square profile design with ‘broken ends’ which in practical terms, means that putting your towels on and off, should be super easy. Again, the polished chrome effect provides that lush designer look. Making a style statement is really effortless with this chrome towel rail.

Affording you plenty of space and the option to have the rails open to the left or right, what’s not to love? Chrome Ladder Radiator West One Bathrooms For a really attractive profile, take a look at this funky stainless steel towel rail that features a stepped design. Available in a range of sizes, this would look super smart in a smaller en suite or a full sized bathroom. Chrome Designer Towel Rail Designer Bathroom Concepts Radiator &Towel Warmer A radiator that’s also a towel warmer? No problem. Not only do these dinky cube shaped radiators look super smart, they also allow you to hang a towel from the base and store additional folded towels in the middle of the cube, what an ace idea. They would certainly make an eye-catching addition to any bathroom.

Just check things out space wise though as although these radiators are quite compact, their cube shape means that they do protrude from the wall a little more than a standard towel rail, so remember to allow for this when planning your bathroom or shower room. Cube Radiators West One Bathrooms Bench Style Radiator Take a look at this radiator! Unlike all the others I’ve featured, it’s floor standing, so you will need to allow for it’s footprint in your bathroom planning. The reward, however, is that not only is it one heck of a stylish radiator, it’s also a seat.

Just make sure you set it to a comfortable temperature for sitting on! Stainless Steel Bench Style Radiator The Statement Radiator If you’re looking for something completely different, then what do you think of this? If you look closely, you can see that it’s actually modular in structure. Each ‘line’ of radiator can be added to by slotting them it into position, until the desired height is reached.

Definitely one for the style conscious home lover. You will need a separate rail for your towels, as radiator is a feast for the eyes only, but what a treat if it fits with your style and budget! Modular Radiator West One Bathrooms And finally, I thought you might like to see this. Whilst not a conventional radiator, bathroom, or otherwise, in any sense of the word you must admit, this Speria designer radiator is striking, almost like a sculpture in it’s own right.

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