Sleigh Beds – Not Just Wood

When people see sleigh beds, they usually see a heavy piece of wooden furniture that can be dark and heavy and take up a very solid amount of attention in the bedroom. These beds can be solid wood or wooden slats, which provides a slightly lighter look.

The wood is usually stained, not painted, and offers a classic if heavy look to any bedroom. If stained wood is not your style, though, there are still sleigh beds that can work perfectly for you and your room. Sleigh beds are not just wood anymore, but can come in metal forms with bars at the head and foot in that beautiful, classic sleigh design.

The look is much lighter than the traditional wooden sleigh beds, and the image is still both classic and classy and can really bring a sense of style to a room. Sleigh beds can also come in upholstered styles, with leather or fabric head and foot boards to soften the look as well as the bed itself. In this kind of style, the head and foot boards can actually be comfortable enough to lean or lay on, making it a painless pleasure to sit up in bed and read or watch television without needing to pile up the pillows.

Sleigh beds are contemporary and classic all in one breath. A sleigh bed can be made of metal or wood, depending upon your preference. Sleigh beds have a long history, dating back to the early 1800s when they first appeared. Nothing looks more comfortable that a beautiful sleigh bed with a fluffy comforter and lots of pillows – and you can have a gorgeous metal or wooden sleigh bed in your room too.

Sleigh beds come in twin, single, double, king and super king sizes to meet your needs. They are rugged and sturdy but remain elegant in a room. The head and foot boards are usually curved, one of the tell- tale signs of a traditional sleigh bed. The head board is usually much taller than the foot board and can also be found without the curves in more contemporary beds.

In some contemporary sleigh beds, there are no curves, but rather a tall headboard and a shorter footboard that symbolize a sleigh bed. However, if it is the curvaceous lines of a traditional sleigh bed you are seeking, there are plenty to be found in a variety of materials. Some sleigh beds are even upholstered in leather or other materials, some in conjunction with wood or metal as well.

Add some magic to your bedroom’s décor that you can’t find with any other type of bed – sleigh beds invoke magic, regality and sophistication in your room.

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