What Kitchen Flooring Should I Choose

When customers first start chatting with us about their new kitchen, probably the last item on their agenda is the flooring. They will be looking at kitchen cupboards, designs, work tops and appliances first. These are the choices that they will be thinking about making before anything else.

Where to put the appliances, should the oven be split level, should the hob be in an island, where to put the larder cupboard ? These sorts of dilemmas. wooden-flooring However, choosing the right flooring can really make or break the look of your new kitchen, which is why we want to ask you – what kitchen flooring should I choose? Well to start with, is your kitchen modern or traditional?

Do you want to add a twist to your design by picking something totally different and unconventional? Customers are now looking at older style flooring to have laid in a modern kitchen, to enhance the look and really put a spin on the design. Or subsequently, a modern and sleek floor to complement a traditional style kitchen.

So what are your choices? Well, these days there are numerous styles to be looking at, including wood, tiles, vinyl, stone or ceramic. We even get asked to look at poured concrete, either with a matt finish or more shiny – home design television programmes promote using more unusual flooring types, hence the more unusual requests we are now getting! Ceramic The classic tile and totally beautiful.

These can be standard size, square, brick shaped or hexagonal. They can also be really large tiles, perhaps a little more expensive, but you don’t need so many! Some customers like to have their tiles placed evenly neatly and in parallel. Others like them in the style of laid bricks, with a staggered effect, which look equally nice. These come in all different colours and can suit whichever kitchen they are placed in.

Why not also add underfloor heating to your ceramic floor to give a warm underfoot feel to the cold tile. Wood A lovely wooden floor, giving a glow to the kitchen and fairly warm underfoot. A little more upkeep is needed with this, to keep it in it’s original condition. It can be either waxed or varnished, depending on the look you want, as well as many different tones of warmth, ranging from a completely natural and unfinished colour, or painted white, to the deep mahogony tones or perhaps even black.

This is a lovely versatile product to work with and gives your new kitchen a stunning finish, especially if you coordinate the wood into the main design of your kitchen, ie the door trims or splash backs. Vinyl There are many different types of vinyl around on the market today.

From wood effect that look great and are easy to keep clean, to bright and bold colours, giving your new kitchen a stunningly modern look! Karndean or Amtico flooring is also a favourite as it is really easy to care for and looks really good with the different border options available giving the new kitchen a real WOW factor!

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